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Welcome to the website of Circle4Life. Karibu sana!

Imagine you are living in Netherlands:

You are ten years old and joining standard 6. A beautiful school, a nice bike to get there, a house where you have your own room, toys and maybe even a computer, your friends, your parents, brothers and sisters. Nothing really to complain about, you are healthy, are doing sports, playing outside and going on a holiday break regularly.


Now imagine you are not living in the Netherlands:

But for example in Kenya. Here, you are also ten years old. How do you think your life would be then? Would you go to school? Would you have a nice family with and a nice house? A bed and toys?

Unfortunately for the vast majority of the children it is not as good as you have it here. Something that is really normal to us is so unusal for them.

Be honest, would you go to school if you have not had food for days and your head is not able to learn at all? Would you go to school if you are home sick with malaria because you do not have a mosquito net to protect you?

No, right! And that is something we want to change.

Every child, anywhere in the world, has the right to a happy childhood, is entitled to protection, has a right to a good health, has the right to be loved, has a right to a house to live in and a bed to sleep in. Parents, brothers, sisters and friends to love and play with. Therefore, for all those children who are suffering from all of this we try to make a difference.

We assist parents in looking for a job, or in finding ways they can provide a living for example by growing crops or keeping small animals such as chickens and goats. We ensure that the children go to school and get a meal there. That they can get medication assistance and can live a life like us.

For them, through you, with us!

Because we are working as volunteers, we depend on our sponsors. To improve the life of a child in Africa much money is needed as there are many children waiting for help. For African standards a lot of money, however for us these amounts sound more like music to our ears. We do have so much, we can do so much and isn’t it just that little bit that can make the difference?

Help us, follow us and support us. You can support us through a donation but you can also become a friend of the "Cirkel of 100" or the "Business Circle".

We guarantee you that it will get to the right places and keep you informed through general posts, newsletters and photos.


Circle4Life is classified by theDutch Tax Office as a public charity organization and has the ANBI since by November 30, 2011.